HBO-COERCE Halo PC server back online for Thanksgiving

jayWHY, synide, and myself have setup the legendary HBO-COERCE server with all the old gametypes. I welcome the HBO-COERCE regulars (and even some newcomers) to join up hardwood flooring to the server. We'll be hosting the server for a limited time

For more details about the server see this forum post at

Halo PC server IP: (">query)

Ventrilo server:
Port: 3792
Channel PW if needed: halotv
You can download the latest Ventrilo here.
* For a limited time only Nov 22-25.

Halo 2 (PC) is a mess...just like Shadowrun...and now just like Gears of War (PC). Here's why.

jcap and a few other standouts in the Halo PC and Halo 2 PC community have put their heads together and nailed down why Halo 2 for Windows Vista is a mess. I totally agree with these guys. Go read what they had to say:

Unfortunately, I can say that Shadowrun and now Gears of War (PC) are being handled the same way. Shadowrun, which is a mod of Halo 1 and was designed by Halo and Halo 2's lead designer, was a jewel of a game. It is my favorite first person shooter of all time. Unfortunately, the way Microsoft handled the game Prepago Bogota ruined the game for me and others. Halo 2 (PC) was the same way buy instagram likes as you can read in the article above.

And guess what's happening now? Gears of War (PC) is in the same boat:

GoW Problems General Chat - Epic Games Forums_1194823714200

I having begun playing Gears of War (PC). It is riddled with problems just like Halo 2 (PC) and Shadowrun. I hope that the community will continue to express their disgust with the title support and Games for Windows - LIVE.

4th most played computer game? HALO 2 (PC)

Wow. People ARE playing this game. According to Nielsen's GamePlay Metrics, HALO 2 is the 4th most played video game right now. Actually, HALO: Combat Evolved is the second most played video game right now.

It sounds a little fishy to me. HALO and HALO 2 are great games, but the Nielsen rankings don't support my findings. Heck, they aren't even close to Gamespy's stats. According to Gamespy, HALO 2 is the 9th most popular game right now judged by online users. As of this post, HALO has 2555 online custom t-shirts australia players. In first place is Half-Life with over 72,488 players. Wolfenstein has over 8,000 users online right now.

Maybe I'm comparing apples to oranges. The Gamespy rankings are based on the number of online users. The Nilesen rankings are based on how much a person played a video game and only sample a small portion of the gaming community. Perhaps the people that are still playing HALO are the diehard fans who play for many minutes (or hours) per session. But that doesn't explain why the recently released HALO 2 qr code generator is doing so well

Still, this is positive news for HALO. This means that Bungie has built immersive games.

                                                   Avg # of   % of Total
      how to jailbreak iphone 4      Prev                                     Minutes      Minutes
           Months                                    Played       Played
    Rank   Rank     Game Title             AA%**   Per Week     Per Week

1 1 World of Warcraft 0.845 1043 17.959
2 3 Halo: Combat Evolved 0.171 510 3.648
3 2 Sims, The * 0.155 235 3.316
4 6 Halo 2 0.138 509 2.939
5 7 RuneScape 0.131 673 2.788
6 12 Madden NFL 07 0.097 378 2.060
7 27 Warcraft III 0.093 671 1.991
8 11 Warcraft 0.087 508 1.852
8 4 Counter-Strike * 0.087 478 1.846
10 8 Grand Theft Auto * 0.084 314 1.790

HALO 2 on XP via a hack from the community?

It seems that it is possible to run HALO 2 (PC) on Windows XP. The game is supposed to be exclusive to Windows Vista, however a gamer has made a rough and dirty mod to get the game running on Windows XP.

"Tired of waiting for Falling Leaf to produce drivers so that you can playShadowrun in XP? The instrumental beats wait is over, because Razor1911 already has the remedy! Yes, you read right. This game will also function in Windows XP"

The Enquirer

Download mod and instructions:
Download the mod

Get Shadowrun for free when buying HALO 2 (PC) at Circuit City

This isn't a bad deal at all. Buy HALO 2 (PC) for $40 at Circuit City and get Shadowrun for free. $40 isn't a bad price. Getting Shadowrun (which I think is a ton of fun) for free is like getting both for $20.

If you bought HALO 2 (PC) from Circuit City lately, you may be able to do a return and rebuy if you haven't opened the game yet. Doing so may allow you to get the Shadowrun deal.

Link to Circuit City ad

HALO 3 ARG stating?

This isn't exactly HALO 2 news but colocation los angeles it is HALO news. agen ibcbet It appears that a HALO 3 Alternate Reality Game may be starting with the HALO community. I've posted details about thisover on our mothership What do you think it is?


Meta reviews update: 73 average

Update: based on 21 reviews, HALO 2 (PC) now has a 73 out of 100 average over at MetaCritic. The reviews range from a 92 to a 55.

Last week we conducted a poll. So far 750 gamers have voted. 25% of voters gave jailbreak iphone 4s the game a 10 out of 10. 35% of gamers give the game 5 debt consolidation out of 10 or below. On average our 750 gamers rate the game at short term payday loans about 65%

We'll post back if we see significant changes in the scores or number of people votin

xI MadRoX Ix first to 1000/1000 points

HALO 2 Legendary

It looks like xI MadRoX Ix was the first to 1000 in OUR HALO 2 (PC) gamerscore leaderboard at In fact, if you do a global search, he's the first registered user in's whole database to get the 1000 possible points. Looks like he edged out a few people by a day. He actually got the 1000th point a few days ago on June 6th. It only took him five days to get all 1000 points. Impressive. I can say that I still haven't finished the final boss on Legendary. Kicking bulk buy sweets my butt

Congrats to xI MadRoX Ix.

Has anyone else achieved 1000 points? If so, you aren't on our HALO 2 (PC) leaderboards. Go join up at Click on the image below for the action:

What overall score do you give HALO 2 (PC) and its total package?

Reviews roll in. 72/100 average so far.

Metacritic is a pretty good site to track the scores of various reviews of the same game. So far, after about a dozen reviews HALO 2 (PC) is averaging a 72 out of 100. The scores range from 92 to 60. That's a pretty wide gap.

Track the reviews at Metacritic.

By the way, my local Circuit City had one copy of HALO 2 (PC) on the shelf.