World of Warcraft

There are certain things you should know in order to gain the most benefit from the game if you are new to World of Warcraft.

These five important things can bring you more joy to the game: Knowing how to behave in the game; learning the right professions; getting the right gear; using one important plug-in, and tracking your friends.

The best ways to Behave in World of Warcraft

It is vital to behave politely in WoW. If you join a guild or a group, it is considered polite to say “hello” and “goodbye” when you leave and enter. If people help you, say “gracias” for their assistance.

When you are questing with people, or doing a dungeon, you will share the loot that drops. You will have the possibility to either ignore a loot, greed it (this would be nice to have), or need it (better armor, or better weapons than you already have).

If you need something, it’s better to say so before you press the button, to ensure that others may enjoy the same opportunity. Need comes before greed. If four persons have chosen greed, and you choose need, you will receive the item.

Don’t ever need something that everybody could use, like jewels, lockboxes, etc.

Learning the Right Professions

You can have two main professions in WoW. Some are almost free to perform, like herbalism, skinning and mining – while others cost a lot of gold to learn, which includes jewel crafting, enchanting and leatherworking.

My advice to you is to choose a gathering profession until you are at least at level 40, and have made enough gold to afford to learn a crafting profession.

Each of the gathering professions has their advantages, other than the possibility of making you rich.

Skinning gives you agility, which is vital for a rogue and a hunter.

Mining gives strength, which is good for a warrior, amongst others, and

Herbalism gives you a way to rapidly recuperate, which is good for all players, especially those who have a difficult time surviving. This excludes the paladin, but includes all other classes.

Get the Right Gear

You should get as good gear as possible for your char, since this will help you survive, and thus level up quicker and make gold faster. When you’re dead, you can not make gold!

But don’t overdo it. Uncommon items (green) are fine, and you can get a plenty of good gear from quest rewards or dungeons. Or just ask your friends and guild mates to craft it for you.

Get This Plug-in

A plug-in is a small application that you contribute to an existing program. I’m not a big fan of tons of plug-ins, since they all take some power from your computer. However, there is one plug-in you can not be without, if you want to make gold in WoW.

I wasn’t familiar with this particular plug-in when I first started to play WoW so, when I put items up for sale in the auction house, I would first check for what amount it had already sold; if any more were available; document my prices on a piece of paper, and then note whether the item was actually sold etc

. It took a lot of my time … time that I could have used having a good time in the game instead.

So, here’s the answer!

Get the plug-in ‘Auctioneer’, and it will do all the work for you. You just have to remember to scan the auction house at least once a day to keep your database up to date.

Keep Track of Your Friends

Perhaps the most fun part of WoW is the social side. When you quest with somebody, and you have a good time, add them as your friend. But, if you click at the icon to the left of their name on your friends’ list, you can add a note that will enable you to consider this person later, particularly if you don’t talk to one another immediately. This will be very helpful later in the game.

I hope all this will help you to get a great start in World of Warcraft. It’s a great game – and a great place to meet people, relax, and have fun.